Call me! A short phone call usually already helps to find a solution or to figure out what the next step towards a solution would be.

Phone: +61 456 055 502



Live Internet support

Due to faster Internet connections and modern technology it became possible to access a computer through a small but secure program from everywhere in the world without expensive traveling. And no worries, who and when some has access to your computer is still fully in your hands with a password, that only you know and that you’re able to change anytime. You can download the live support tool here: Windows oder Mac.




You prefer writing e-mails to making phone calls or your problem seems too complex to be explained in a call? No problem, just write me an e-mail and I get back to you by e-mail or by phone, as you prefer.



On location

If we’re not able to find a solution from remote, I offer you to come to your place to check your computer on location.

Sometimes the computer doesn’t even start due to a hardware problem. In those cases I offer to also get your computer at your place and return it repaired.


An overview of possible support topics I can cover with my knowledge:

Softwares support General problems with Windows or Apple OS
Excel (also complex calculations)
Power Point
Edit websites  / create websites (WordPress, Typo3, HTML, CSS)
Adobe Lightroom
Internet / Social Media (Youtube, Facebook, search enginges)
anti-virus, firewalls
converting files formats
mobile phones / smartphones
trainings for various software
 Hardware support WIFI / LAN (network)
hardware repairs (doesn’t start, weird noises)
hardware upgrades (harddisks, RAM etc.)
 printer / scanner  (network and USB)
purchase advise Laptops, PCs, tablets
mobile phones / smartphones

If your need is not listed – just ask!

Prices you can find here.